Hello! My name is Lauren Summers. 

Based on my tabs above, you can probably tell what my interests are. 

Below is a photo of me, and at the bottom of the page is a photo of me 27 years ago.
Yes, totally a ploy to get you to scroll down. How old am I?
Here's the part that I want you to scroll down far enough to see. Just because it's helpful to know, I think.
How did I get here? Well, here's what you missed (aka a brief autobiography):
I write about it pretty much all the time, so just check out my creative writing and you'll get the gist. 
I loved exploring outside and collected cicada shells, snake skin sheds, eggs, beehives, butterfly wings, rocks, leaves,
 and even pine straw (still unsure why).
everything else up until college:
I was pretty shy, but I was also pretty funny. I had a very tough time loving myself
 but tried to keep loving the things that I loved: writing, taking pictures, and making silly videos.
I continued to have a tough time until I transferred from UNC-W (beach) to App State (mountains).

I studied photography, but then in my final year, decided creative writing would be a fun major instead.
I began to love myself and finally felt comfortable enough to come out as gay to my family.
They were, and continue to be, extremely rad and supportive.
post-that and now-ish:
I immediately camped (and stayed in hostels) in 5 countries in Africa and fell in love with traveling. 

A few years later, I camped and hostel hopped in 6 countries in Europe.
Again, years later, I did the same in New Zealand and Australia. 
I always had a friend or two with me to share the experience.
Making videos out of the adventures was/is one of my favorite things ever.
I currently live in Charlotte, North Carolina, but am open to living anywhere. 
One of my sisters lives in Madison, WI, and the other in New Orleans, LA. My parents live in Cary, NC, separately.


TLDR: It got better.
Thank you.
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